Sunday, August 05, 2007

Anne Berning CAC Malaga until 19.08.07

CAC Málaga, the centre for contemporary art run by Málaga City Council, presents the first solo exhibition at a Spanish museum or art centre by the German artist Anne Berning. Her theme is the world of painting and the stereotyped way in which it is classified in art books and catalogues, explored through the painted spines of large books in which the artists appear according to the pictorial style they represent. The exhibition, which will be open at CAC Málaga until August 19, comprises a site specific painting installation accompanied by a series of other paintings exploring the same theme.

Under the title “Encyclopaedic incompleteness”, CAC Málaga presents this show by Anne Berning, featuring a series of superb paintings exploring the way this well-known German artist sees art.

According to Fernando Francés, Director of the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga, “In her painting, Anne Berning seeks to provoke a reaction to the phenomenon of the visual that confronts society today. Anne Berning presents her work as an open, changing reality in which parts can be added, moved or removed as the society surrounding the work advances.”

Taking as her point of reference the archives of art history, Anne Berning works with such different materials as photographs and films. In her view, today’s art requires a preliminary critical analysis of non-contemporary art. In Berning’s own words, her paintings are “a kind of collection of fragments, contrasts, lists and parallels.”